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The Treasure Vault

The Treasure Vault is an ultra-luxurious jewelry concept introduced by CENTAURI LUCY.

The Treasure Vault of CENTAURI LUCY is created to celebrate innovative design that challenges the technique of jewelry making and embraces the extraordinary brilliance of precious stones.


Treasure of 2016 
Enchanted Bow

Enchanted Bow is inspired by the delicate usage of pearls during the Victorian era, in a combination of modern craftsmanship and invisible setting of jewels.

Enchanted Bow is made with over two carats of Rubies in an invisible setting, hugged by a collective of one carat in Diamonds, and surrounded with precisely hand-selected natural pearls in identical shapes. This exclusive arrangement of jewels and pearls are set in magically interchangeable plates in white gold, which allows Enchanted Bow to transform between a brooch and a pendant.

To guarantee each plate fulfills its interchangeable mission, only our most skillful artisans are assigned to contribute in the making of the Enchanted Bow. Each Enchanted Bow requires approximately 200 hours to complete.

The Enchanted Bow is available in Sydney showroom upon request.

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