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It takes astronomical pressure and immense heat to create a rare diamond.

But our chief designer thrives under these conditions.

Think about this: a single diamond has been waiting underground for up to 3 billion years to shine.

So when the time comes for it to take its place in the sun, nothing should distract from its immense beauty.

That’s why we created the Centauri Lucy Classic Collection.

We select only the rarest of the rare natural diamonds from a full spectrum of colours including pinks, blues, greens through to blacks.

Once chosen, our design philosophy is to let that single yet multi-faceted diamond shine. Nothing should distract.

from its elegant simplicity.

This collection is presented in three unique series of Alpha, Beta and Gamma. All designs are modern, elegant and uncomplicated.

By making one simple, elegant diamond the centre of our design universe, then its inner beauty is revealed all to see.


Alpha Chocker


Alpha Bracelet


Alpha Ring

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